Donations and Money You Can Trust

DonatedTrust is a ground-breaking and decentralized charitable humanitarian-aid organization that employs complete public financial transparency where you can privately track your donations and rate their use.

Decentralized, transparent and autonomous blockchain organizations like DonatedTrust
will change the world.

Claude Arnell Milhouse, C-DEO (Chief Decentralized Executive Officer) - DonatedTrust

Completely Transparent

View ALL of our Banking, Accounting & Financial Statements

Donation Tracking

Track and Set Alerts to See How your Donation is Used

Powerful Reporting

See, Feel and Rate the Impact that Your Donation is having


Our ERC20 CryptoCurrency. Money the World Can Trust.

1 out of 3 people don't trust charities and non-profits.

That’s not surprising, existing reporting requirements and regulations are paper tigers. Corruption is rampant. Billions are mismanaged, misappropriated and stolen annually.  For example,  after the last major earthquake in Haiti, the international Red Cross raised $500 million dollars for the devastated island nation, yet only built 6 meager houses. and the TRUST token

Helping the Helpless & Disrupting Distrust World-Wide

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Money on a Mission

The TRUST coin is money that you know is good, because of the good it does.  Our mission is to help the World solve its problems in a trustworthy manner. We welcome citizens of nation-states where currency is manipulated and subject to out of control inflation to use the TRUST coin as their official currency. Whether you are donating fiat (your nations currency) to or you’re purchasing the TRUST coin, you can feel good, because even when you are sleeping, your money is doing good!


DonatedTrust is the worlds first humanitarian-aid organization where 100% (ONE HUNDRED PERCENT) of your donation goes to the cause(s) that you chose! Based on our calculations, can operate without ever using any of a donors money for 30 to 50 years by relying on the strength of the TRUST coin.  The coin will only succeed if we do what we say, continue to fulfill our mission and execute to the satisfaction of the our supporters world-wide.  That’s putting our money where our mouth is!

TRUST Coin Whitepaper

Click the link below to read the DonatedTRUST Whitepaper and learn about our TRUSTcoin, TRUSTchain, and TRUSTrank technologies and how we plan on helping the world solve its problems in a trustworthy many.

Click Here for Our Whitepaper

PRE-SALE Participation

Certain individuals, investors and VC firms interested in backing our revolutionary blockchain and ERC20 venture may participate in our pre-ICO event

ICO Participation

The TRUST coin ICO will take place soon.  As of now, you may participate using ETH, LTC or BTC.

Our Team

Arnell Milhouse

C-DEO, Chief Decentralized Executive Officer

Clifton Choiniere

C-DTO, Chief Decentralized Technical Officer

Steven Zarella

Senior Software Developer

Nafissa Hassan

Software Developer, Analyst

Emily Brown

Software Developer, Analyst

Reece Franklin

Senior Software Developer

Richard Mangra

Software Developer, Analyst

Peter Ferreira

Software Developer

Yvon N'Chonon

Software Developer

Nong Suon

Software Developer

the TRUSTcoin ICO is poised to be one of the greatest of all time.  Get in early on the ICO now!